Sunday, April 27, 2008

Wigleaf has posted a new story of mine. A thanks to Scott for putting in the extra time.

I'm reworking my current manuscript titled GREEN PARENTHETIC SUITCASE. I am adding and subtracting, and hopefully send it to a few places soon. I may retitle it. I am bad with titles. I used to be good. I would think of good titles while mowing the lawn. I never wrote them down.

I am currently on Cape Cod at my parents house. My parents are in Ireland. I've had a nice vacation over the last few days. I've eaten oysters, drank rum and cokes, drank Baileys and coffee, watched several movies, watched herring pile on top of each other, watched birds sing, ran ona treadmill, walked the dog, read the sunday paper. Pretty good.These things are important.

I brought a load of books with me. Most half read. Today I will finish some of them.

I read Ron Klassnik's new book HOLY LAND. BLACK OCEAN put this out. They did another incredible job. Ron (I am using the 'classic spelling.' I think he's using 'RAUON' these days) is a classic literary pornographer. The images of cum and sex blend perfectly with his scope of blood, destruction, nature, rivers, and sardonic humor. He reminds me a bit of Henry Miller, but so much more concise.

Ron will now be reading on Sunday June 8th at Brookline Booksmith with Zach Schomburg,Chad Reynolds, and Carl Annarumo.

The Booksmith also now has copies of Zach's THE MAN SUIT and Ron's HOLY LAND. Email me if you want one. I will buy it for you.


SIR!, my new literary magazine, is taking submissions. Submit something now.


e.b. goodale said...

i dig your new colors.

Spencer Troxell said...

[Green Parenthetical Suitcase] is a good title. You should keep it.