Wednesday, April 2, 2008

There is a new magazine online I found leaking from Julia Cohen's blog. The new magazine is called Fou. It's pretty astonishing. Mathew Rohrer, Zachary Schomburg, Michael Earl Craig, Elaine Equi, Matthew Zapruder. And it's some good work too. Rereadable. Around each authors poems are some great illustrations by a fella named Brad Soucy. They're playful and a bit ominous at the same time and all of them star a fox.

If I were a crappy middle aged marketting exec, I would now writesomething like -

"Now go get your Fou on!"

Instead I will now write what I overheard a group of young hipster girls warning one another whilst walking towards pizza -

"Prozac is a pill that makes you fall out of love."


Speaking of Julia, I am very very very slowly reading her new chapbook, Who Could Forget The Sensational First Evening of the Night. She is a perplexing word goblin. Perplexing word goblin is not a very good description of a talented poet. Sorry Julia. I will try harder next time. I can say, though, the cover is great. It looks like this.


I am about to realize I am an awful speller.

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Noah Falck said...

So we did notice the same publication. It's so sleek and filled with such delicious poems. It reminds me of I too picked up Julia Cohen’s "sensational." Fun read. Look out for the rain.