Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Scary No Scary

Pre-order a hardcover copy of Zach Scomburg's new collection Scary, No Scary and receive a limited edition broadside by Brave Men Press!

Scary, No Scary (limited ed.)
by Zachary Schomburg
Hardcover / 80p. / Poetry / $30.00

Scary, No Scary
, the follow-up to Zachary Schomburg’s acclaimed first collection of poems The Man Suit, is a book of skeleton gloves and skeleton keys—at once dark and playful. With loneliness and levity Schomburg takes the reader on a tour through a liminal world of dream-logic, informed by its own myth and folklore. Here there are new kinds of trees and new ways of naming the ages; jaguars and an abandoned hotel on the horizon. This book will crawl inside your chest and pump lava through your blood.

We are offering a very special foil-stamped hardcover publication of Scary, No Scary in a limited run of two hundred editions. The textless dust jacket will also feature different artwork from the softcover version. Each copy comes with a fine letter pressed miniature broadside as well, courtesy of Brave Men Press, containing the title poem from the book. These hardcover packages will only be available directly from Black Ocean, and are being offered for $30 with free shipping. All preorders will ship as soon as the books become available in August. These are sure to sell out, so order your copy soon! [Update 6/23 Copies Remaining: 170]

Monday, June 22, 2009

Sixth Finch

The newest issue of Sixth Finch is up. I have two poems in it - Deep Moat & Unwritten Books. Thanks to Rob MacDonald for including me in what I think is one of the best poetry magazines. Rob doesn't take submissions. He expects each writer to recommend another. I really like the continuity of this approach. So far the results have been amazing. Read these poems by Dara Cerv, Julia Cohen, Adam Day( who has a poem in the new Memorius that really cut me up), & Emily Kendal Frey.

This poem by Matthew Yeager demands a response.

Someone videotaped the last Deep Moat. Here are some clips, and more if you're inclined.

Heather Green

Julia Cohen

Justin Marks

The next Deep Moat will be on July 18th with Chris Tonelli, Sampson Starkweather, and Jon Woodward. On August 26th its Zach Schomburg, Emily Kendal Frey, and Mark Leidner. Bitchin'.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Puppy Kicker

Thanks to all who came to the Moat this weekend. It was easily the best one yet. Even my mom and dad were there, getting rowdy. Thanks to those who opened up their house to us, all who came from New York and afar, and those who took the night off. Heather, Julia, and Justin were superb and make it all worthwhile. We still have a few coinsides from the night, if you haven't yet picked them up.

Anti #4 is alive and spitting. 22 poems by Sara Tracey, Larissa Szporluk, Kevin Simmonds, Peter Schwartz, W. F. Roby, Joe Plicka, Laura McCullough, John Loughlin, Jason Koo, Rose Kelleher, Jason Fraley, Mark DeCarteret, Lisa Ciccarello, Travis Brown, Nicky Beer, and Brian Barker.I have a poem called "Changing Lightbulbs"

I've been listening to this, this, and this. You should too.

Carl has some sweet Corduroy Mtn pillows for sale.

My team won at trivia again last night. I got my first anagram (Gloria Estefan). We have a treasure chest of $300 in which to buy many buffalo wings and mozzarella sticks. If you would like to join in on our feast, it is happening soon.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Coinsides - Justin Marks & Julia Cohen

Now available from Brave Men Press- the third installment of the Coinside series in conjunction with the Deep Moat Reading Series. Each Coinside contains a lithographed image with a poem in hand-set 6 point type.

Julia Cohen:


and Justin Marks:


Also available as a pair for a slight discount:


Don't forget to see the poets in person at the Pierre Menard Gallery in Harvard Square on Saturday June 13th. Coinsides and paraphernalia will be there in person also.

Each Coinside is printed in an edition of 21.

Also introducing our Brave Men Press accordion book specially made to store and display your collection of Coinsides. The accordion is double-sided with a total of 14 slots (enough for all the current Coinsides and room for future ones.)

It can fold up to be put on a book shelf or can spread out to be displayed.

Cover measures 3x4 1/4"

Buy the book alone for $18.95


Buy the book along with all the Coinsides to date (6) for $36

(shipping included)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


by Fairfield Porter

The presence in a painting," he once wrote,

is like the presence a child feels and recognizes in things and the way they relate, like a doorknob, the slant of a roof or its flatness, or the personality of a tool. Art does not succeed by compelling you to like it, but by making you feel this presence in it. Is someone there? This someone can be impersonal.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Deep Moat 3

Justin Marks and Julia Cohen will be the readers at the next Deep Moat Reading Series. Go to the Deep Moat webpage for all sorts of info, poems, etc. There is also a Facebook invite here if you're into that sort of thing.

Spread the word.

Justin Marks' first book is A Million in Prizes (New Issues Press). He is also the author of several chapbooks, the most recent being Voir Dire (Rope-a-Dope Press). New work can be found in Harp & Altar, Sink Review and Tusculum Review. He is the founder and editor of Kitchen Press Chapbooks and lives in New York City with his wife and their twin son and daughter.

Julia Cohen is the author of several chapbooks including (Dancing Girl Press), The History of a Lake Never DrownsWho Could Forget the First Sensational Evening of the Night (H_NG M_N Pres) & When We Broke the Microscope (with Mathias Svalina) (Small Firess Press) . Her poems have been published in Denver Quarterly, Copper Nickel, Bird Dog, Spinning Jenny, RealPoetik, Forklift, Ohio, MiPOesias, and GutCult amongst others. Her first collection Triggermoon, Triggermoon is forthcoming from Black Lawrence Press.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Jellyfish Reflector

Here is a new magazine with a pleasurable temperament. This poem by Anne C Holmes.

Here is a picture of one of my poems hanging on a pole somewhere in Baltimore.