Thursday, April 10, 2008

There is a new Lamination Colony. A few weeks ago Blake posted a link to Didi Menendez's new magazine, called Oranges and Sardines. Didi is the mind behind MiPOesias. I told Emily to send some of her artwork. She did and Didi accepted it. I saw the proofs this morning and they look good. I submitted too, but I don't think I'll get in.

It is 70 degrees outside today. I am inside.

I caved to the sounds of Battles. I used to think they sounded like a Volkswagon commerical. Now I think they sound like Smurf R&B. Someone called them "future funk" and that seems right on. Here they playing to the Japanese. The Japanese are nuts for them. Check it out. I like this song.



yo, thanks for the link brian. you should use the .com url:

it works better than that old address

also, battles is good. check out don caballero if you haven't already (ian's old band, which is even better). what burns never returns is in my top 10 records of all time.

Brian Foley said...

I like older Don Cab a ton. What Burns is def the best. My favorite song by them though is "Cold Knees(in April)" which is Don Cab 2. In consideration to DC, I can't believe how huge Battles is. Its what probably kept me away. But now I have seen the darkness and I like it.
Also, I will change the URL.