Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Constitution

My chapbook THE CONSTITUTION is now available from Horseless Press. It is hot pink and only $6.00. These poems are very important to me. I hope you will choose to read them. You can purchase a copy here.

Poems from THE CONSTITUTION havent arrived yet in the places that I can show you. They'll be in Action Yes and The Columbia Poetry Journal. So for now I will show you one, and take it down when they come home.

Many thanks Jen Tynes. She is wonderful person.

You can get this book and another book from Horseless for only $10. I suggest Chris Salerno's ATM. That book is just great. At one point Chris says "The sale is inside me." I won't forget that.

I'll be doing some readings soon. On March 4th at Multifariuos Array w/Jared White. Chris Carrier, & Chris Hosea.

And on April 23rd in Denver at the Bad Shadow affair with Natalie Lyalin.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Huge Updates from BRAVE MEN PRESS

Hark Brave All,

As we plan our descent into this years AWP conference in Washington DC, we hope that you will spend some thought on the Brave Men & Women who fight for you - Chris Martin, Lily Brown, Ben Kopel, Joshua Marie Wilkinson, Jennifer Denrow, Mathias Svalina, Brian Foley & EB Goodale.

It is right to say we have been up to much - four new chapbooks, a box set, posters, finer art, a massive reading. So in one fell swoop, we share with you all their awesome and our devotion, that you may now see for yourselves with your internet eyes.

Chris Martin - How to Write a Mistake-ist Poem

Chris Martin's second book of poems, Becoming Weather, is just now precipitating into material form compliments of the wonderful people at Coffee House Press. His first book, American Music, won the Hayden Carruth Prize and last year he was named one of the Poetry Society of America's New American Poets. Currently he is an editor at Futurepoem books and curator of the response blog Futurepost.

Lily Brown - Being One

Lily Brown is from Massachusetts and currently lives in Athens, where she is a Ph.D. student at the University of Georgia. Her first book, Rust or Go Missing, is out from Cleveland State University Poetry Center, and recent poems have appeared in American Letters and Commentary and Colorado Review.

Ben Kopel - Because We Must

Ben Kopel, a native of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, currently lives in Northampton, Massachusetts where he edits Laminated Cats Press. A graduate of the Iowa Writers Workshop, he is currently continuing his education at UMass Amherst. His poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Conduit, Sir!, Forklift: Ohio, H_NG_M_N, Sixth Finch, Diagram, and elsewhere. Sorry ma, he forgot to take out the trash.

Joshua Marie Wilkinson - In The Trade of Alive Letters Mis-sent

Joshua Marie Wilkinson
is the author of five collections of poetry, most recently Selenography, featuring Polaroids by Califone's Tim Rutili (Sidebrow Books, 2010). He has edited two anthologies for University of Iowa Press: Poets on Teaching: A Sourcebook12x12: Conversations in 21st Century Poetry & Poetics. He lives in Chicago, where he is Assistant Professor in the English Department at Loyola University.

2011 Brave Men Press Coin Library

Made up three chapbooks by
Lily Brown, Ben Kopel, & Joshua Marie Wilkinson, this custom designed box set comes with an exclusive etching by Brave Men designer and artist
E.B. Goodale
. Supplies are limited.

Limited edition bad ass BMP posters designed by E.B. Goodale

We will also have books on hand limited quantities of BMP titles still available, by Jennifer Denrow, Brian Foley & Mathias Svalina

Jennifer Denrow - From California, On

Jennifer Denrow
has two chapbooks: A Knee for a Life (Horse Less Press) and From California, On (Brave Men Press). Her first book, California, is forthcoming from Four Way Books.

Mathias Svalina - Whatever You Love of Weapons You Love For Weapons

Mathias Svalina was born in Chicago, where his parents were both chemists. He is the author of five chapbooks as well as five collaboratively written chapbooks. His work has been published widely in journals such as American Letters & Commentary, The Boston Review, Diagram, jubilat, and Typo. With Zachary Schomburg, he co-edits Octopus Magazine and Octopus Books. Destruction Myth is his first book out from CSU press.

Brian Foley - The Black Eye

Brian Foley
is the author of the chapbooks The Constitution ( Horseless Press, 2011) & The Tornado is Not A Surrealist (Greying Ghost, 2008). His poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Action Yes, Columbia Poetry Journal, Poor Claudia,Typo, H_NGM_N & elsewhere. He edits SIR! Magazine, curates The Deep Moat Reading Series, and with EB Goodale, runs Brave Men Press.


You can find us and these books at AWP this Thursday- Saturday at the HTML Giant table. Supplies are limited, so please plan accordingly. New titles & ephemera will be on sale on our website soon after AWP, providing we don't sell out.


On Friday night please join BRAVE MEN in celebrating WIDE NIGHT, an evening of readings with the following presses!









Readers include:

Chris Martin, Lily Brown, Mark Horosky, Sasha Steensen, Emily Pettit, Dan Boehl, Sommer Browning, Jessica Young, Farrah Field, Guy Pettit, Kelin Loe, Alex Phillips, Luke Bloomfield, Megan M. Garr & Francesca Chabrier!

Brave Men will be represented by Lily Brown & Chris Martin, reading somewhere near the end of the line up, for those of you planning a full evening.

There will always be a lot going on, but we really hope you stop by the table and/or reading and introduce yourselves. We've come to meet you.

Other Brave Men Happenings

Poems by Jennifer Denrow in 751 Magazine & Sixth Finch

Joshua Marie Wilkinson's new journal of poetics, EVENING WILL COME

Poems by Chris Martin in Sink Review

Sounds Thoughts & a poem by Mathias Svalina at Coldfront

A poem by Brian Foley in H_NGM_N

A book cover by EB Goodale of Aaron Burch's How to Predict the Weather

Safe travels to all traveling


Brian & Emily
Brave Men Press