Wednesday, April 9, 2008

It has been one week since Peter Berghoef's chapbook, News of The Haircut, has been released by Greying Ghost Press. I have read it four times. This is what the outside package looks like.

The insides, the heart and groin of the book, are special and cannot be shown. But believe me - it is spectacular. First, the poems are word grenades. I am extremely impressed with the amount of imaginative punch packed into such brevity. Most poems are about nine lines or so in ultimate free verse. They will pull you through a hole causing minute alterations to your mind and/or day. I have no reason to lie about this. I think this book needs to be read and Peter's work needs to be published wide and far. Read a sample, here.
Secondly, Greying Ghost Press honcho wolf Carl Annarummo did an intense job with the packaging. This is no twine and glue operation. We have true craft here in a version of 75 editions. Of all the chapbooks I've come across this year, Carl's budget production by far exceeds any expectation any writer could have about someone taking their writing and putting it into a format. This is a book you're going to hold onto for a long time. Go here to buy it. It's cheaper than a city sandwich.

Carl is still accepting manuscripts for future releases. He is truly one of the few. Check him out.

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