Monday, April 21, 2008

This past Saturday Dara Wier, Caroline Knox, and Dorothea Lasky read at the Booksmith. Their poetic and audible voices are very different, but are brilliant nonetheless.

I had watched Dottie read on youtube and was pretty apprehensive about her style. But seeing her read in person was much more visceral. Though her poems are confessional and earnest, her presentation is almost confrontational. It sweeps you away and forces you into the poems voice. My favorite line of the night was delivered by her.

People think I'm weird.
I'm not weird.

Don't trust my paraphrases line breaks.


My neighbor uses a leaf blower freely. A leaf blower does not solve problems. It creates them. It just pushes the dirt in another direction, namely some elses yard. Plus it makes an evil sound. A very evil sound that wakes me up. It wakes me up even when I'm not sleeping. I don't want to believe good fences make good neighbors, but I do. I would like to share a pie with my neighbors and sit on their porch in the sumemrtime, but that will not happen. Not while he has a leaf blower.

Saw Dead Meadow last night. Very groovy. Am seeing Destroyer tonight. And after I manhandle Cokie Roberts on Wednesday, I have a small vacation.

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