Friday, April 11, 2008

Today at work I received in the mail this book (look up). It is A Peculiar Feeling of Restlessness - four short chapbooks of short short fiction by four women - Amy L Clark, Elizabeth Ellen, Kathy Fish, and Claudia Smith. I love what I've read of Claudia Smith, and Amy Clark I have read with and hosted before. She has a story, collected here, called "How to Burn a House" that is very good.

Rose Metal Press is really doing great work these days. I like their designs as well. Take a look at their new web page.

I just got a piece accepted in elimae. It should be posted in a few days. I'm glad to finally be in elimae.

I am thinking of opening up my own store. This morning I did not wake up thinking that.

I have read through the new NOON. The stories by Lydia Davis and Brandon Hobson are just about as good as it gets. The cover rules too.

I forgot I had a sandwich, then I remember I had a sandwich, now I am eating a sandwich.

I am also reading Jean Valentine's Little Boat and Louise Gluck's Averno. I am reading quiet poetry. Sometimes I like reading more conventional poetry because it translates so strangely into my brain. Also, it makes me write better. Possibly. The words Little Boat makes me feel peaceful.

It's Friday. Payday. Have you ordered Peter Berghoef's News of the Haircut? You should.
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p said...

elimae rules. i was just thinking about submitting there again.

Brian Foley said...

you should. I've been emailing with Cooper all morning. Crucial dude.

Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for the nice words about my work in Noon. Congrats on elimae as well. Coop is one cool cat.
--Brandon Hobson

Anonymous said...

Good News! I got my Haircut 2day!
thanks for the tip! Awesome little word book!