Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Pequin has a new story of mine up. It inspired by my friend's name and coffee. My friends' name is Michael. Thanks very much to Steven. I read Pequin most everyday.



i think you are my current favorite 'blogger'
good read

Axelphoto said...

Great piece about Mr. B. I know it's not about him specifically (just the idea of him)- but did something like that happen to inspire this work?

More importantly: Michael has *girlfriend*?!? That really *is* news! :D

Brian Foley said...

That is compliment of the highest order and completely uncalled for. That said, I check your blog 9-42 times a day.

Alex, I think you read to literally into the compliment. As of last Wednesday's "man-date" viewing of Big Trouble in Little China, Mr. Bewley had no girlfriend that I knew of. But I may be wrong!

bonnie m. said...

brian, i do like your writing. very much so.