Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Juliet Cook has brought forth Ectoplasm Necropolis a new one off magazine. I have an evention in it. So does Adam Fieled, Andrew Lundwall, Daniela Olszewska, Jayne Pupek, Sean Kilpatrick, and someone named Misti Rainwater-Lites. There are a bunch more contributors, but I havent gotten to know them yet. Thanks to Juliet for putting this together. Check it out and buy a copy.

I hosted a reading with a very famous poet last night, who when she learned that I was working towards chapbooks, she made the sardonic comment of "thats great you still do that." I don't blame her for her the disconnect, but it made me consider how my mind becomes a selfish epicenter for what can only by a microcosm. I forget that not everyone is familiar with what I am familiar with because it become so prevalent and dominating in my mind.

These days I think everyone has heard of Will Oldham. I believe he is an entity like Willie Nelson, known to artists and NASCAR fans alike. He is not though, he is just in the places I look. Eyewhere in the places I look. But thats okay though because I love and respect him. He has a new poem in Octopus magazine. My friend Patrick just gave me WAI NOTES, demos versions of his last album. It is better than the album. Also, a trailer for a film I heard about two years ago has popped up on youtube. The film is a documentary featuring Will and the director tripping on mushrooms.

This reminds me of OLD JOY, the film Will starred in a few years ago. Except that was fiction. OLD JOY one of my favorite movies of all time. If you haven't seen it, please do.

Blake Butler has a new e-book online called, PRETEND I AM THERE BUT VERY LITTLE, and is great. The man seems to hame no shortage of imagery that shakes you from the inside. I honestly can't wait to see what Blae is doing in ten years. Also, I like the nice viewer in which this book is formatted. It makes me want to do an e-book.

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Axelphoto said...

Let's not forget 'Matewan'. That was a good Oldham flick (although it was fiction).

That documentary looks amazing, though. An interesting concept to say the least.