Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Holy Shit

Read this new story called Lawnmower Season by Spencer Troxell up now at Eyeshot. It's brilliant. Here is a lure -

In the suburbs, we know that if the angels of the apocalypse choose the first day of spring to blow their horns, we can drown out the noise with the sound of our lawnmowers.

I also just read a lot of good things at Wig Leaf, the best new web publication I've seen in a while. There is some good work up by Claudia Smith that connects like tin cans and twine, and more good stuff by a fella named Barry. Go check it out.


Anonymous said...

brian, my man, thanks for the shout out on my wigleaf story. glad to know its being read. - barry

Anonymous said...

I agree, The story/poem is really terrific. And it perfectly illustrates what is going on here now too...except for the McCain signs of course. In fact, my neighbor Tony and I were just waving the arms this morning!
BTW, check your wigleaf link...not working for me

Spencer Troxell said...

thank you for the holy shit. Anonymous is right about the McCain signs. They haven't shown up like I anticipated.