Monday, March 10, 2008

Pindeldyboz, the story website with the name I can't spell correctly, now hosts a story of mine called Swallowed. It's about a heinous voodoo bird that casts an evil black shadow over the world. How about that?

I haven't been writing, here or anywhere else. Well that's not entirely true. But the reason has been I bought a television. And a subscribed to cable. And I'm proud, dammit. I needed a breather. I am still in that need. Also I have been spending more time listening to music lately, eating the comforts of the nineties. I've spent a lot of money on vinyl lately. I repurchased every Archers of Loaf record. I've made Polvo mix cd's for my girlfriend. I spent three hours huffing dust out of the bins of a local record graveyard to come away with a handful of Grifters and Unwound 45's. The end product can never attain the level of golden minded nostalgia i have for my past impressions of what my life would one day be like while listening to Guv'ner in my bedroom. Why all the worry?

Needless to say, I didn't get into graduate school.

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Axelphoto said...

Shit, Dude. I am really sorry to hear that you didn't get into Grad School, though- by the sounds of it, it doesn't sound much like a major upheaval. I still think you should keep writing, though, and not put the grad school thing out of your mind entirely- maybe another day, but not today, right?

I like your Boston(ist) article, and I love your poetry. Keep up the good work. I should be back in the bean sometime soon- let's get together for a drink then?


ps. Needless to say, i added 'Eunuch's Blues' to my bookmark bar and check it just about everyday, so no more slacking for you.

pps. just thought you should know: the 'word verification' on this post was the word: "kukpwald" which i think is some kind of swahili.