Sunday, March 30, 2008

Two inventions of mine, including a cleaned-up version of an invention from my last post, have been accepted for the 2009 issue of Indefinite Space.

This early afternoon. I went to laundry mat and read Toby Barlow's Sharp Teeth, which is really entertaining. food shopping. I bought ingredients for my favorite salad. Here are the ingredients -

Lettuce, properly chopped
Red pepper, chopped
Green pepper, also finely chopped
Sweet Italian peppers, chopped
Pepperjack cheese, chopped into pieces, not shaved
Tomato, chopped

It also includes long sliced pieces of breaded chicken, but i forgot that. I may substitute with something else.

It is nice outside. I'm going to eat a hot dog. I will probably go running. Then I will maybe write, or maybe watch some baseball.

I bowled a lot this weekend, in real life, and in virtual life. Both times, I killed.

Also, I have a title from my manuscript. I was waiting for a month for the serendipity to find me. Then it hit this week, in a blog post from Blake who is picking up the pieces after the tornado that hit his home. It read like this -

The tornado fucked up my ERASERHEAD and THE SHORT FILMS OF DAVID LYNCH dvd sets, which were $50 each and came in these really amazing box packages. My other DVDs were all okay. The tornado had discerning taste as to what it would destroy. The tornado was not a surrealist. I will shit in the tornado's lunchsack.

Soon, The Tornado is not a Surrealist will come out on the Greying Ghost Press. It will be small, but the party, I promise, will be big.


Carl said...

it will be huge. front desk display guerilla style. started formatting the text this afternoon. will get some paper this week. then the party will happen. and the party will be huger.


haha awesome.

where do you live/where is party

Brian Foley said...

I live in Boston which is where the party will be. I will make it a benefit to buy you new Lynch DVDs as creative compensation. The party will be called Fuck the Tornado.


i wish i knew some people in atlanta.

come to atlanta.

yeah, Fuck the Tornado sounds awesome.

good job dude.