Monday, March 10, 2008

I just decided to make the pilgrimage to Washington DC this May to see one of my favorite bands ever, Polvo, in their reunited form. Right now, they're playing two shows in the US. I never got to see them when they were around and it's something I sorely regret. Now I have my tickets/time machine and am set to be stunned.

Listen to this live version of Fractured, Like Chandeliers from 1994. It slays.

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Axelphoto said...

Oh! I almost forgot: I picked up a back copy of 'McSweeny's Book of Poets Picking Poets', which is (if you haven't seen it) is a collection of poems, picked by poets (duh). The catch is the first poet picks one of their *own* poems, then chooses another poet/poem that they really like- then *that* poet picks one of their own and *another* poem from *another* poet and so forth. Like a chain, see? Anyway- the part I thought you should read is the first chain which begins with David Berman and ends with James Tate (who picks Charles Simic). It's pretty fucking good. Those wacky McSweeny's guys do it again.