Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Spencer Troxell is a poet who writes well. He is linked here, on this blog. Here is an idea of his that originally appeared on Thieves Jargon.

Certain Metaphysical Conditions Portend

I had a dream
That God died.
He fell from a cloud
Into the ocean.
The water was warmed,
The people were _____.
All of the big yellow
With treads and shovels
And pulleys and lifts
Were brought
Into international waters
To do the heavy lifting.
Tiny streams of bubbles
Rose to the surface,
And there was a manhole
In the ozone layer.

A friends band, Hallelujah the Hills, is featured on a popular website called Stereogum. The feature links to an mp3 of a new song they recorded called Nurses Float Past. I have an affinity for it, because its less than two minutes. There needs to be more ideas that get to the point, like this one.

I watched a movie last night called King of Kong. Its a movie about the world record for the highest score at Donkey Kong, which is pretty hard. It was oddly compelling - further proof of the magic of editing. Gordon Lish would have liked this film. They filmed a lot of the games at Funspot in NH. It is down the street from Emily's lake house. When I was on vacation last month I went to Funspot twice. One of the times I was in their classic arcade floor all by myself for over an hour. I felt sick, but then I played Contra.

I have read almost nothing lately. Wait. Not so. I've read some of Sarah Manguso and Deb Olin Unfurth from the boxed collection Mcsweeneys put out. I wanted them to be better. I liked DUO weirder pieces. I should read them some more.

I haven't written much. Its probably because I haven't been reading and listening to music instead. I spent $52 on 45's this weekend. They were old and dusty and all from 1993. Today I gave my friend Mark $12 so I could have an LP of his band, Neptune.. It is called Gong Lake.

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e.b. goodale said...

where is your virtual self? My virtual self misses your virtual self.