Monday, November 26, 2007


I am in my office in the bookstore basement. Outside my office is where all the used books are kept. Right now there is an annoying young couple sitting in chairs scanning the fiction section, ennuciating author's names in a Frasier accent. They are only annoying because I wish I was them (actually, the accent is poorly executed, which is also annoying.) When I was young I worked in an ice cream shop. After a while, I no longer enjoyed ice cream. There is a parallel I'm drawing upon, but it's ill suited, as I still think almost exclusively about books and writing. I still visit different bookstore every weekend on my days off, when I can just be a visitor. Emily and I both work in book stores though, and the enthusiasm is not the same. I should work with things I already dislike to prevent this kind of thing. Maybe then the opposite will happen and I will find a new proufound passion for tax law or something.


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Carl said...

"you can pay for books.....IN HELL!"

p said...

its just like working at the library dude