Wednesday, November 21, 2007

It is Happening Again

Pitchfork: Another one of your blog posts mentioned a reunion of the State.

Michael Showalter: Yeah. We're making a movie together. It's sort of on hold because of the writers' strike. But I think within the next two years, you will be hearing about a State movie. In the vein of a Monty Python film, which is to say a sketch comedy film. Like The Meaning of Life or something.

Finally!. The State returns! I'd be happy if it just came out on DVD.
When I was 17, in the ice ages of Ebay, I bought my girlfriend at the time a ninth generation dubbed VHS copy of State episodes for $89.00. It was like watching a snow globe make jokes.
Years later, I interviewed Stella for Chunklet magazine. You can find that embarassing experience here. Terrible writing, but scroll down to where they make fun of me and talk about their elbows.

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bonnie m. said...

i have skits & stickers on VHS. let us have a viewing party.