Monday, November 19, 2007

Ooga Booga

Saturday - I was scared I would miss the day entirely, so I took a walk to Grolier's Poetry Shop. I know many people have heard of the shop. I am quite happy it exists, a shop only for poetry. However, they are lacking in many things, particularly anything new. Do you ever feel guilty going into a store, a small store with a lugubrious shopkeeper, and not attempting to buy anything? I do. I dont know what it is. There should be a name for that feeling.
Let's call it timorous constipation. So, my timorous constipation was acting up. I bought Frederick Seidel's Ooga Booga to satiate the urge.

What a fantastic creep! Hilarious little ryhmes about Italian wealth, famous friends, cafes, hotels, and owls. You get the idea they were written on a napkin. Highly enjoyable. Following suit, I took myself out to potatos and pork chops at Grendel's Den and finished the book with a cup of tea at Algiers.

Go here to quickly listen to him read his charming poems from the book. I suggest "The Owl You Heard."

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