Sunday, January 20, 2008

The other day Emily showed be how she prints her etchings. Its about time I knew what she was talking about. We made prints of hares in hay. I may try to do some soon. A series of Zeppelins. Her studio is in her parents basement, which is a wood pannelled rec room. I want to live in all wood pannelling with heavy green shag carpeting.

Last night was the Redivider Magazine reading. Peter Shippy read the first chapter from his new book. It was something. A funny something. He is a helluva reader, one to emulate. I'd like someone to commission a recording of How to Build a Ghost in Your Attic in full. Will definately go see him again if possible.


bonnie m. said...

i love the photo documentation. and wood paneling.

Spencer Troxell said...

Finding your blog has been one of the few worthwhile things my frequent self-googling has produced.