Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Airships Disappear into a Black Hole.....

I've been thinking about Zeppelin's lately. What a magnificent thing. Imagine being a seagull circling an airship like that. Imagine a bright blue day somewhere in New Jersey and while hanging your laundry on the line this silver sky beast slowly passes by. I think I'm going to do some research on Zeppelins and write a series of poems about them.

Tonight, Charles Burns visits my store to celebrate the paperback of his evil opus, Black Hole. Thats very exciting. When I first read Black Hole,I believed the ink had soaked into my mind and perverted me. I started hallucinating. I saw deformities in people faces as I walked down the street. Another true story. Maybe Black Hole is an awakening to the mutations that are right before us. Heavy, man.

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