Friday, January 11, 2008

Last night Jami Attenberg read. She has a new book out called, The Kept Man. Ryan from Hallelujah the Hills sang four songs from the podium. The new face of Podium Rock. Listen to the song "Wave Backwards at Massachusetts." It's the perfect anthem, and fits in nicely along other good songs about Massachusetts such as Roadrunner by The Modern Lovers and Massachusetts by The Bee Gee's. Ryan also makes the best flyers. Here is one from a reading last April I put together.

And here's another -
Also last night we had piles of cupcakes. The aggresively named Kickass Cupcakes gave us over $100 clams worth of baked love. Marvelous Mojhito, Peanut Butter Tears, Chocolate Fun - all the heads ate them up. I like Jami. She's a friend. She wrote me a college recommendation.

I received a copy of James Tate's new book, The Ghost Soldiers. Further curious wanderings decorated in dialog. A longer review is pending, but it's really great so far.

Tonight is the annual preemptive birthday dinner with parents. We will be eating the French. I will be enjoying oysters drenched in brine.

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