Monday, June 22, 2009

Sixth Finch

The newest issue of Sixth Finch is up. I have two poems in it - Deep Moat & Unwritten Books. Thanks to Rob MacDonald for including me in what I think is one of the best poetry magazines. Rob doesn't take submissions. He expects each writer to recommend another. I really like the continuity of this approach. So far the results have been amazing. Read these poems by Dara Cerv, Julia Cohen, Adam Day( who has a poem in the new Memorius that really cut me up), & Emily Kendal Frey.

This poem by Matthew Yeager demands a response.

Someone videotaped the last Deep Moat. Here are some clips, and more if you're inclined.

Heather Green

Julia Cohen

Justin Marks

The next Deep Moat will be on July 18th with Chris Tonelli, Sampson Starkweather, and Jon Woodward. On August 26th its Zach Schomburg, Emily Kendal Frey, and Mark Leidner. Bitchin'.

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Courtney said...

That Matthew Yeager poem makes me laugh.