Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Coinsides - Justin Marks & Julia Cohen

Now available from Brave Men Press- the third installment of the Coinside series in conjunction with the Deep Moat Reading Series. Each Coinside contains a lithographed image with a poem in hand-set 6 point type.

Julia Cohen:


and Justin Marks:


Also available as a pair for a slight discount:


Don't forget to see the poets in person at the Pierre Menard Gallery in Harvard Square on Saturday June 13th. Coinsides and paraphernalia will be there in person also.

Each Coinside is printed in an edition of 21.

Also introducing our Brave Men Press accordion book specially made to store and display your collection of Coinsides. The accordion is double-sided with a total of 14 slots (enough for all the current Coinsides and room for future ones.)

It can fold up to be put on a book shelf or can spread out to be displayed.

Cover measures 3x4 1/4"

Buy the book alone for $18.95


Buy the book along with all the Coinsides to date (6) for $36

(shipping included)

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