Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Scary No Scary

Pre-order a hardcover copy of Zach Scomburg's new collection Scary, No Scary and receive a limited edition broadside by Brave Men Press!

Scary, No Scary (limited ed.)
by Zachary Schomburg
Hardcover / 80p. / Poetry / $30.00

Scary, No Scary
, the follow-up to Zachary Schomburg’s acclaimed first collection of poems The Man Suit, is a book of skeleton gloves and skeleton keys—at once dark and playful. With loneliness and levity Schomburg takes the reader on a tour through a liminal world of dream-logic, informed by its own myth and folklore. Here there are new kinds of trees and new ways of naming the ages; jaguars and an abandoned hotel on the horizon. This book will crawl inside your chest and pump lava through your blood.

We are offering a very special foil-stamped hardcover publication of Scary, No Scary in a limited run of two hundred editions. The textless dust jacket will also feature different artwork from the softcover version. Each copy comes with a fine letter pressed miniature broadside as well, courtesy of Brave Men Press, containing the title poem from the book. These hardcover packages will only be available directly from Black Ocean, and are being offered for $30 with free shipping. All preorders will ship as soon as the books become available in August. These are sure to sell out, so order your copy soon! [Update 6/23 Copies Remaining: 170]

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