Friday, October 31, 2008

Hollow Tweens

Caketrain Issue 06

Forthcoming December 2008

First printing, 300 copies

5 3/8 w × 8 5/16 h × 264 pages of sixty-pound acid-free off-white text stock, perfect-bound with a ten-point glossy cover stock

$8.00 US |

Birds, bees, and bottle-green, long-undone Ds are among the avatars of our sixth fit. Herein, bear witness: Catherine Kasper’s dark ride through a zone of clinical, legalistic double-speak; Anne Heide’s eggy, milky “NestMare” menagerie; Forrest Roth’s alchemical disruptions, a new weaponry of words; the “McGinty” journals, ably excavated by Christof Scheele; Rimbaud and Webster pulled like taffy through the hole of the public domain; Brian Foley’s hairy brain; this thing that is Thwife from Aby Kaupang; this thing that is couch from Sara Levine; this thing that is man that is nearly nowhere from Kate Hill Cantrill. Also, a couple of copses, some selahs and, at the core, perhaps the ultimate manifestation of the Norman Lock literary universe (devotees of Lock’s work will be thoroughly rewarded). That sound is the surface being scratched by an unseen hand; the mammoth waits to be revealed in full, to consume you for days upon days.

I am excited to be in the new included issue of Caketrain. It's a very large issue - 264 pages. Its not out until December, so I haven't taken the full scope of the other authors. Inside you'll find Kim Chinquee, Michael Kimball, Anne Heide, Eric Baus, Shane Jones, and others. Pre-order it here.

Though its not available yet, one of my poems "Extensions" is available online as a preview. I like this poem. I've since broken it up into lines, which has improved it, but I still enjoy it. Please check it out here.

The second issue of Spooky Boyfriend is up today, on Halloween. I have a weird poem in it called "Safe House". I don't remember much about this poem, other than I wrote it while at work. That may attribute to its unrefined state. Nonetheless, here.

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Unknown said...

I like Extensions. The new caketrain sounds exciting.

When is Sir! coming out?