Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Make sure to check out Rauan's blog to read about his night terrors involving the other Ron (Silliman). Best of the net 2009.

Read A Limitation Birds by Sampson Starkweather taken from the last Typo. Really great stuff. He uses his birds like Landis Everson played with his rabbits. Sampson will have a new chapbook out on Rope-a-Dope sometime soon. One can only wish to be born with a name like Sampson Starkweather. I would like to change my name to Brian Yarndonut. The Y's are underrepresented in the poetry section.

I have been writing a lot of new poems recently. I am working on a new chapbook, but also writing on whatever comes. Because this is a poetry blog, here is a version of a new poem.

The Unknown Language

And yet maybe
what I do not understand
is because its recited in Russian.

The trick of mothers & fathers
by their mother & fathers
and so on.

To have your voice
assembled in hermeneutic smoke
brewed in cauldrons of steamships.

I listen with a milk glass held firmly
to the wall, but hear only
the privacy of mice.

I keep hearing a sound behind me that sound like something is burning uncontrollably.


Brooklyn said...

I really like this poem for some reason. But after today, I don't want to see the word "hermeneutic." It keeps popping up.

Yrs Fitfully,

Brooklyn Blondewater

Brian Foley said...

For whatever reason, I am glad you enjoy it. I'm glad I got my hermeneutic punches in too.

Anonymous said...

Oh last you and your ten dollar words....I can't afford it!

Anonymous said...

* that would be "Blast you".....how sad that I must correct my clever response!

Unknown said...

I like your poem. I look forward to reading all your new creations.

Spencer Troxell said...

you should call your next collection 'the privacy of mice'.

p said...

I dig it. writing again is hard.