Monday, November 3, 2008


I have two book reviews at New Pages. They are of Jesse Ball's Parables & Lies and Matthew Rohrer's They All Seemed Asleep. In short, I loved them both.

Books I recently received from NP -

Dear Professor, Do You Live in a Vacuum? - Nin Andrews
Body Language - Mark Cunningham
Dear Ra - Johannes Goransson
The Ant King & Other Stories - Benjamin Rosenbaum

I am sick. I haven't been sick in over two years. Nose runs. Yesterday I spent the majority of awake hours working on SIR! The issue will be posted this time next week. I can't apologize enough for the delay.

While in wait, look at Fou 2. Its great. I would like SIR! to look like Fou, but it will not. Fou is what an online literary journal should be. SIR! will be the boring looking teenager with a great personality.

Tomorrow is the day. It is all I can think about. As with anything, i hope for the best, but expect nothing.

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