Thursday, May 15, 2008

There are some new online mags afoot.



Word For/Word

I'm not going to tell you which poems I have read and enjoyed. I think you already know.

Scantily Clad Press is maybe looking for submissions. The do online chapbooks. Again, I'm not telling.

I am twenty five pages into this book. It's not bad.. I am hosting him in a few weeks so I am reading it. I've talked shit about him, but now something in me has switched and now I am rooting for him. I can't remember why I talked shit about him. Mostly because I hate memoirs. I think they're cheap. But this guy got a bum deal. We'll see how I feel when I read more.


Brooklyn said...

You sure are coy about these online journals, mistereditor. :-)

p said...

theres a new elimae out there too