Monday, May 19, 2008

Caketrain will be publishing three pieces of mine for their next issue, out sometime in late 2008 - The Guest, Extensions, & Better Company.

I finally visited the So and So reading series out in South Boston. Dottie Laskey didn't make it. She had to shoot herself with an epipen. I think peanuts are the enemy. Hope you're well Dottie. The next so and so is killer - Zach Schomburg, Janaka Stucky & Paige Ackerson-Kelly.

Discovered PennSound yesterday and listened to a hefty portion of Matthew Rohrer reading. Here is a nice Q & A with him and Dottie Laskey that followed a reading.

This week I host Simon Winchester, James Tate, and Barbara Walters. I already feel hung over.

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Shane Jones said...

congrats on the Caketrain acceptance. i think we're going to be in the same issue. yeh!