Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I'm reading these two books, among others. They explore brevity. I am thinking there is more to explore in brevity than in exposition. On the back of Jean Valentines' Little Boat, someone allocates her "half-lines" as having "aspects of a ruin." I love that. I feel you need silence for brevity. You need silence for a Joe Massey poem, at least the ones in Out of Light.
The other day I had a panic and ducked into a bar and was relieved by reading Nice Hat. Thanks. It wasn't silent then. There was a girls' softball game on the television. Humor doesn't command as much silence. But that isn't an insult. Maybe it made me feel silent.

These poets make writing very little look very easy. But it's not.

SIR! is about filled up for the first issue. If you haven't contributed yet, do so soon.

I feel more stupid with each passing day.

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p said...

well stupid. stupid can be worse. stupid isn't so bad all the time.