Friday, May 16, 2008

Emily has posted on her blog a new illistration she created that was inspired by a line from a Rauan Klassnik poem. The line goes like this -

Two girls are carrying a cage full of kittens down to the
river. Don't be afraid! This is the world's beauty. Look!--
with the cage between them still they're stepping care-
fully from rock to rock.

-Rauan Klassnik

Pretty fucking awesome. The poem is in this book -

If you don't own this book, you should. You can get it here or if you live in the Boston area and want one, I have ten copies for sale at Brookline Booksmith.

Email me at and I'll get you a copy.

Don't forget Rauan is reading with these other prodigies

Sunday June 8th @ 6pm
Zachary Schomburg - The Man Suit
Rauan Klassnik - Holy Land
Chad Reynolds - Victor in the New World
Carl Annarummo - A Short Story & other poems

There is a new elimae. I will tell you, so far, that the poems by SIR! contributors and Greying Ghost Press alumni Peter Berghoef and Shane Jones are particularly thrilling. Don't miss them.

Carl told me this morning chapbooks from Greying Ghost Press will soon be available at Powell's in Oregon.



i am stoked for SIR! and for your tornado book. good things loom.

I gotta stop saying 'stoked'.

p said...

powells is gonna rule

Spencer Troxell said...

The Klassnik poem is nice, and so is the illustration.