Monday, February 11, 2008

The new Lamination Colony is up. There is new work by Peter Berghoef and William Walsh. There is new work by Tao Lin and Ryan Downey. There is new work by Mark Cunningham and a lot of other people. My inventions are here. They are two of my most favorite inventions yet. Tell me you agree with me. Tell me with jarring punches. Thanks so much to Blake Butler. Dude is awesome. Also, check out the contributor notes. I filmed my foot this morning. I am three up from the bad motherfucker brushing his teeth. I can't wait to read everything in here.

Got another invention accepted this morning in the righteously named Death Metal Poetry. It is for the invention called The Scout. DMP has published good works by Noah Cicero, Juliet Cook, and Amy King, and those are just the ones I've recognized and read. The Scout will be floating above a Daniel Olszewska poem called Dinosaurs in the Garden of Eden. It's good.

I love death metal. I love death metal, black metal, grindcore, etc. I say this without irony. At one time it was ironic, but now its not. Things dont remain funny that long. Unless your friend is around to make it funny again. But he lives in Los Angeles. Go to Dark Lyrics. Find some inspiring words and interpret them into your daily life. This is not funny. This is metal. Some lyrics are extremely poignant. Take these lyrics from the amazing Pig Destroyer,

Crippled Horses

push my fingers past her ear watch them disappear into her brown hair I wish the rest of me could go with them her bedroom is quiet but my heart screams a horrifying sound like a hundred crippled horses lying crumpled on ground begging for a rifle to come and put them down

That's better than most inventions. Some people would argue the validity of Pig Destroyer because of their broad appeal. You must be hated to be real metal. These people are mostly from Norway. Don't listen to people from Norway.


Josh Maday said...

good work over at lamination colony.

p said...

we are awesome