Thursday, March 3, 2011

Tomorrow, Friday 3.4.2011, i am reading at The Multifarious Array in Brooklyn with Chris Carrier, Jared White & Chris Hosea.

Brave Men Press is also being a reading on March 13th in Hadley, MA. We are celebrating. Chris Martin, Michelle Tarakansky, Ben Kopel and me will be reading. There will be videos and bacon. Also a limited book celebrating the reading with 2 new poems by each poet, free if you come. If you come.

Did I say?

Brave Men Press has a whole lot of new things for sale. New chapbooks by Chris Martin, Joshua Marie Wilkinson & Lily Brown. Ben Kopel's sold out in a day. But you can get it in this box set.
This is why we're celebrating.

The 3rd issue of Evening Will Come is. A good interview with Hoa Nguyen, which I learned at AWP you pronounce as "Wong Wei". That was all I learned at AWP this year.

I remember having a conversation with an x girlfriend about when you were most happiest in your life. For her, it was listening to ska punk. I can remember one day living in Boston, almost spring, in my apartment on Westland Ave, behind Symphony Hall, listening to Cornelius while making skateboarding moves in my room. No one else was home. That was some happiness. He is happiness in inertia and non inertia. I remember leaving the apartment and trying to carry that feeling with me. I remember it wasnt warm our enough yet and it didnt work. I miss Cornelius. Download these awesome screensavers he scored to a multimedia art show. Very beautiful.

Zach Schomburg was in town. He made my favorite movie of the year. See?

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