Saturday, March 26, 2011

I have three poems from THE CONSTITUTION up at Action Yes

I have a poem, "Moon Above the Law" at RealPoetik.

Here is an early version of a TOTEM at I am a Natural Wonder.

Horse Less Press has a new website. Thats where you can learn how to read THE CONSTITUTION. BUT also can buy this fantastic book by Richard Froude.

Brave Men Press had a reading at Flying Object on March 12th, 2o11. Chris Martin, Ben Kopel, Michelle Taransky, and I all read.



Favorite Poems Heard in 2011

1. Spasmodic Tragedy by Macgregor Card
2. This is Also a Dolphin by Ish Klein
3. The poem ZS read about "a sack of potatoes"
4. Tick by Julie Carr
5. The poem/story JD read at AWP about "flings"

I went to LA for I had some theme music.

I had some love.

I am going back real soon. Promise.

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