Monday, March 2, 2009

S I R ! M A G A Z I N E - I S S U E 2

S I R ! M A G A Z I N E

I S S U E 2

Featuring work from

Chris Tonelli
Sara Guest
Carrie Hunter
Aaron Burch
Sarah Bartlett
Mark Leidner
Ryan Bradley
Reb Livingston
Jen Pieroni
Paul Siegell
Corey Mesler
Spencer Troxell

Cover painting and site design by E.B. Goodale

I publish these things with the wish that I had written them.
Please take a look at the issue and if you enjoy it, tell others.


SIR! is open to submissions for the next issue. However, if you submit, you only get one shot per reading period.


In other news, I have begun work on a new reading series. The readings will be free and happen at the Pierre Menard gallery in Cambridge, MA in the loins of Harvard Square. Things won't get started until April, but I already have some brilliant writers scheduled.



fuck yes. excited for this in reading. thank you brian

Unknown said...

Looks really good, Brian. Really good.

p said...

i want to put my face in it

Spencer Troxell said...

I've revisited this issue several times now, and have shown it to a handful of friends who also really liked it. Great work to all of the contributors, and great work to you Brian. You've got a good instinct.