Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Old Skin

Saw these guys last night. Finally.

No disappointments. I love bands that are a tight unit, circuited like one mind.

Had a spectacular reading with QF on Saturday. I read line broken fiction. Four months of hard work in eight minutes. A woman nodded out on my friends. Someone sang "Raspberry Barret." Thanks to Adam and Jen for letting me loose and picking up the tab.

Today I am sending out a manuscript for a contest. This is the first time I've done this. It is hard to sequence, to slap on another title, when every poem (or most) feel individual. It does feel buttoned up though in a way that's complete, which feels comforting. I am surprised over how much I've produced these last few months that I still enjoy. I had to leave a whole lot of poems out. Printing out the poems to read this past weekend, I realize I have built a small city. Not too many buildings that reach for the heavens, but a few that get you high enough.

Los Angeles is a great place. It keeps me from sleeping.

Brave Men Press now has a website with updates. Chris Tonelli has some new poems up at Sixth Finch and then has one of those poems spewed back in German.

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