Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Funny People

I'm visiting L.A. I like how L.A. is absent from European influence. Its architecture hasn't been updated since 1950 except for the cell phone towers hidden in the palm trees.

Last night I went to a screening on the SONY lot of Judd Apatow's "Funny People." The majority of the cast was there along with fifty other people. I saw Ron Howard's head glisten in the twilight. Jenny Lewis was there looking pleasant. Jonah Hill and Bill Hader. Adam Sandler was in sweat pants. There was a table with free food on it. I really appreciated that.
After the movie I had to write small dissertations on my thoughts about the film. My thoughts were "a sudden turd" "absentee ballot" "once again......" "i like the toothpick woman" "hey, that's ron howard."

Yesterday I spoke to David Trinidad on the phone. I got into Columbia College (Chicago, not NY). I told him how much I enjoyed this poem. He told me that there was no money. Damn. I also got into University of New Hampshire, which is funny because I didn't complete the paperwork, was notified of such, but then ignored it because I was accepted at UMass.

Mike Young is holding court at No Tell Motel this week. I saw Mike read a few weeks ago and was taken by his ability as a reader and the dynamic decadence of his poems. I've read Mike's work in numerous places, he was a contributor the first issue of SIR! but after seeing him read I feel as though something has been revealed. His newest poems are like a crash cart. Read them, aloud if you can.

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Mike Young said...

thank you for linking to me sir!

you are too nice

don't go to columbia! go to umass