Monday, February 2, 2009

Albinos of the Off Season

Submissions for SIR! are now closed. If you haven't yet heard back from me you will in the next day or so. The issue will appear no later than the end of this month. It will be a stunner.

Think about getting your self one of these print journals for Groundhog day-

Corduroy Mtn.
Peter Berghoef, Shane Jones, Brooklyn Copeland, Forest Roth, Blake Butler, Mandy Billings, Brandon Shimoda, Sommer Browning, Adam Maynard, Joshua Ware, Drew Kalbach, B.J. Love, Kevin Wilson, Kendra Malone, Jac Jemc, Eric Amling, and James Iredell

Eric Baus, CAConrad, Jessica deCourcy Hinds, Johannes Goransson, Kate Greenstreet, Brenda Iijima, Kristi Maxwell, Sawako Nakayasu, Keith Newton, Joshua Poteat, Joy Rhoades, Ken Rumble, Matt Sumell, Chris Tonelli, and Mike Young.

No Colony
sadora Bey
Kristina Born
Aaron Burch
Blake Butler
Luca Dipierro
Scott Garson
Rachel B. Glaser
Chris Higgs
Brandon Hobson
Edward Kim
Matt Kirkpatrick
Rauan Klassnik
Lee Klein
Darby Larson
Evan Lavender-Smith
Patrick Leonard
Eugene Lim
Sean Lovelace
Anthony Luebbert
Conor Madigan
Gene Morgan
Bryson Newhart
Christian Peet
Jennifer Pieroni
Kathryn Regina
Joanna Ruocco
Bradley Sands
Ken Sparling
William Walsh
Corey Zeller

A growing trade in Tanzania is to hunt albinos down and use their body parts for miracles. All proceeds of the journals listed above go towards saving the Tanzania albino population.


Brendan said...

oh uh. someone quick tell edgar and johnny winter to cancel their Tanzania tour! those twin long ivory manes alone would probably be worth their weight in gold.

Spencer Troxell said...

Jesus Christ. I thought you were just being silly about the albinos.

The world is overdue for a re-enlightenment...