Monday, January 26, 2009

Add water

There is nothing like nailing a recipe, no matter how simple. Here's something I didn't know. Add a little water to your sausages.

Here's another Octopus. It looks like Michael Earl Craig is phoning it in. I like these Rebecca Guyon poems all right but you get the sense they could have been more savage. More to come on this.

The city street is ruining you, says science. But what does my apartment do to me?


Brooklyn said...

If you say mean things about my poems, Foley, I'll kick your ass!

(PS- this is not a threat on which I am physically or mentally capable of making good.)

Brian Foley said...

I've written enough praise foe MEC to have high expectations, which weren't met. And Gunyon's poems were like an incomplete melody. I imagine if she made the leap to one note higher in the register, it would have tugged at me a lot harder.