Monday, November 17, 2008

Thanks to all who visited SIR! over the past five days. We've had more than 900 visitors so far. This is in large part due to all those who blogged about it. Thank you one and all. I particularly like this sweet rendition of the floating heads motif by Rauan Klassnik-

I'll be taking submissions for the next issue come December 1st. I ask you to send poetry.

Another installation of Chris Tonelli's sentient gravitron over at Verse Daily.

I have a lot of poems out in the world right now. I wish some of them would come back to me dressed up in an editors design. Two are soon to appear in Anti- and Gander Press Review.

I'm working on essays for grad school applications. I'm writing an essay on Croatian poet Slavko Mihalic who I wrote about here. I've searched pretty extensively but have only come up with his 36 page chapbook of selected poems, Atlantis, as the only resource of his work translated into English. Biographical information on him is scant as well. I wonder if this is a poor subject to pursue, to speculate on certain details because the information is not readily translatable. Is it a poor choice to analyze a selected poems that cannot be filled with context, or even a date of authorship? I would choose to focus on the words themselves, but much of it is informed as a reaction to the politics and conditions of the time. It seems arrogant and halved not to consider them, to find out where the poet himself was at the time. I guess I need to learn Croatian.

I hate this part.


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Nema Problema!

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i bet i totally snagged you maybe three hits for SIR!!!