Wednesday, September 24, 2008

More than anything, I recommend finding the new issue of Tin House and spending some serious time with it. It hits all the perfect notes that fall between poetry and politics right now. There are excerpts from Jose Saramango's new novel, Death With Interruptions, a fantastic discussion between Win McCormack and Thomas Frank, Slavoj Zizek on shame and Michelle Houellebecq, essays by Brian Evanson, Lydia Davis, George Saunders and poetry by Kevin Young. An essay by Win McCormack is available for your online eyes.

The superlative Matthew Rohrer has a new chapbook out. It is 43 page long poem. Get it here before its gone.

Typo 12 is up. So is a new Action Yes.

I have a new poem forthcoming in Spooky Boyfriend, which is a cool journal that has already had some interesting authors. It premieres on Halloween.

Emily and I just adopted this thing. The thing is a cat. His name is Christopher Sousa, named after my friend Christopher Sousa.

I've read a lot of great books lately. Indignation was the first Roth I ever truly enjoyed. I initially picked it up for the cover. I'm particularly enamored with Polish poet Adam Zagajewski. Maybe its the newly chilled weather, but I can't get enough of the Poles. I like Zagajewski for his clean, direct language. Already I can tell this is a collection I will come back to, over and over. I've got my Herbert and Milosz, but who else should I look for.


Anonymous said...

media cant get enough of Banksy lately.

Unknown said...

A bit off topic here but..will there be another printing of your chapbook?