Tuesday, September 9, 2008


There are some pretty good poets in Boston. Almost enough for half a football team. Boston is where I live, more or less. That is how you talk about Boston when you talk about Boston, you say "more or less."

There is of course Chad Reynolds who authored the classy, Victor in the New World. Then there is John Cotter, Jon Woodward, Peter Shippy, Ben Mazer, Bill Knott, & Carl Annarummo. I'm going to still count Chris Tonelli. He doesn't live here anymore but his blog says he does.

Elisa Gabbert doesn't have a blog but she has a book (which is better than a blog) co- scribed with Kathleen Rooney called The Tiny Insane Voluptuousness.

Kathleen Rooney is a poet who used to live in Boston. There are a lot of people who "used to live in Boston." Its that kind of place. It sounds good in the past tense.

There are a many more but I am starting to bore myself. Who have I forgotten? I would like to make a bigger list.

Visitors, who have you seen or heard around your town? New York, save it.


Spencer Troxell said...

Cincinnati used to be the big secret music city, but no so much any longer (except for Jake Speed: He is a musical genius with a commitment to community so deep that he has passed up the national stage to remain a staple in the Cincinnati bar scene, and a local high school teacher). In the poetry scene in Cincinnati we have Benjamin Hughes, Robert Murphy, Bret Duncan, Will Davis, and Carol Haefner for starts. All very good poets. Joel Peckham is another Cincinnati great, and he should be famous.

Elisa said...

More Boston poets: Julie Story, Simeon Berry, Aaron Tieger, Mary Walker Graham, Oni Buchanan, Beth Woodcome ...

Mike Young said...

Dude yeah is Julie Story is good. So good.