Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Don't Let Me Die Nervous

Some words about a poem I wrote mentioned in the latest New Pages review of Prick of the Spindle.

There is a shortage of chapbooks at Greying Ghost. Carl has this to say -

"As far as greying ghost news goes, books have been a moving. all orders have either been shipped or have been packed and will be shipped out later this afternoon. this is exciting news for me as i've been behind and am no legally caught up. legally. i have 5 copies of Shane Jones' I Will Unfold You With my Hairy Hands. i have 2 copies of Peter Berghoef's News of The Haircut. i have 6 copies of Christopher Rizzo's Naturalistless. and i have 12 copies of Allen Bramhall's Walden Book. i have 6 copies of Brian Foley's The Tornado Is Not A Surrealist. if you are a last minute type, you should visit the Airforce Joyride site pronto while you legally still can. i like throwing the word "legally" legally into sentences. "

Greying Ghost has really picked up it's business lately. This makes me feel self conscious. Chapbooks are forthcoming from Zach Schomburg, Brooklyn Copeland, Kathryn Regina, Brandon Scott Gorell, and a lot more. Mathias Svalina and Julia Cohen now have another collaborative chapbook coming from GG as well.

This book made me want to go fishing and talk in circles. I nice end of summer the read. It made stop thinking about politics for a while, which all you can really ask. I think about politics and read about politics too often these days. I don't trust my opinions, so I read more. That's how it is for most things though, I don't trust my opinions, so i read more.

This weekend I am in New Hampshire. At the end of the month I will be in San Francisco, then in Portland for a week. I've never been to Portland.

There don't seem to be many poetry readings happening in Boston this fall. I can change this, but am not wild about hosting them in my store. It is a bit "uptight". I would like to read again. From my work. I would stick myself on a bill, but that would be obnoxious. I enjoy readings - by others, or for myself. Like an oil man or newspaper man, I am a reading man. That is what I do. Once I am through with my position at the store, I will probably start my own reading series. I would start one now, but don't have the time.

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