Monday, December 10, 2007

neighbors are strangers

Woah. Received this in the mail today from Fantagraphics.
Laura Warholic: or The Sexual Intellectual by Alexander Theroux, an 800 page erudite satire from Paul Theroux's recluse brother. It is the only piece of non-graphic literature I think Fantagraphics has ever got behind. I'll be having Alexander for an event this summer. He lives on Cape Cod, near where I'm from. I rarely can dance the dance of the long novel, but this may be the exception. Notes to come.

Also in the mail was a mistakenly sent copy of Mathias Svalinas's Why I am White, which I reread again last night. It still kills. However, I really want to read Chris Tonelli's book, Wide Tree, which I'd ordered. His stuff is solid. Read it here

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