Monday, May 4, 2009

Blurb Mockingbird

If you are in your right, skeptical mind, one would acknowledge that blurbs on the backs of book jackets are not garnered praise. They are solicited endorsements meant to advertise. Though their recommendations may be truthful, blurbers are not asked to give a truthful opinion. They are asked to favor. Because advertisements are on every source of surface outside our own skin, hyperbole is somehow thought of as harmless, especially when it comes to small time writers because the world exists in such a minute dirty puddle in an otherwise lashing rainstorm. We instead should consider it like we'd consider a celebrity magazine - a vacuous obfuscation that misleads potential readers and parties down exhausting roads as to waste their time, money, and effort to find a better text. What is a better text is anyone's opinion. In a small world though, it is usually does not arrive blowing on a rape whistle soliciting successful strangers for a fuck in an attempt to get its name out there. That's what your friends are for.


Brian Foley said...

"garnered praise"

Rauan Klassnik said...

"blowing on a rape whistle"

when (and if) someone asks me to Blurb them I'm going use this phrase

and i'll try to use the word "blowjob" also

Brian Foley said...

You and Blake B should be the only prisms allowed to blurb for the rest of 2009. It will be like 120 days of Sodom in The Brill Building.

Rauan Klassnik said...

I'm available. My schedule's wide open. Like a Paris whore (a Paris whore between the wars that is).

Bring on the lambs.
and the pigs.
and the knives.
and the salt and pepper shakers.

I've got an Empire State Hard-On.

Brian Foley said...