Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thunk Tadic

If you tried to buy one of the coinsides yesterday and Paypal gave you an error message, please email me. Thanks to those that already bought some. They will go out tomorrow. Future coinsides from Ben Mazer and Elisa Gabbert are forthcoming.

Ryan Manning interviewed me yesterday for
Thunk. Really fun.

The Deep Moat is now part of the Boston Poetry Collective.

In February, one of my favorite lit mags, Guernica, published three poems by Serbian poet Novica Tadic (transalted by C. Simic). A book of these poems, called
Dark Things, will be out in July.


Spencer Troxell said...

'Knives, Dreams' is a very cool poem.

Anonymous said...

couple things here.
first of, yay on the manning boat.
b. fucking finally is right. tate is there? morgan coe will be out there, too for sociology, i think, and now you're closer to visiting here, ever. congrats, b