Tuesday, December 2, 2008


A review I wrote of Nin Andrews has been posted on this months New Pages. Unfortunately I would only recommend this book if you were a teacher with a class like the one from Dangerous Minds. If you are a teacher with a class like Last House on the Left, I recommend pre ordering Blake Butler's new novella, EVER. An excerpt can be found at Unsaid and probably 40 other journals. None more prolific than Blake. Use ten minutes to watch these moody films made by Derek White for the book.

SIR! contributor Nathan Logan has a new chapbook out called Holly From Muncie. Nate creates some nice worlds filled with terrified children- read his work in SIR! and in No Colony.

Who is William Minor?

Who is Bill Hicok?

Yesterday I joined a gym so I could run during the wintertime and watch more CNN.

When you Google the words "Matthew Klane" it will ask you if you meant "Matthew Kline." Say no. You meant Matthew Klane.
I saw Matthew Klane read the other week. It was something generous. I am still thinking about it. His new book is called B . Matthew is behind Flim Forum. He is an experimental writer and reader. I am usually suspicious of this type of language poetry, but Matthew quickens the pulse with humor and intelligence. Read a poem of his here. Read it very slowly.



thanks brian. i hope there are some people out there with classes like last house on the left

Brooklyn said...

I like poems that reference Greenland. :)

p said...

yes to william minor