Thursday, December 11, 2008


Mathias Svalina has been writing these awesome poems about childrens games. You can see them up at the new Glitterpony and Sleeping Fish. They remind me of Vasko Popa and his poems on games. See?

Nobody rests

This one constantly shifts his eyes
Hangs them on his head
And whether he wants it or not starts walking
He puts them on the soles of his feet
And whether he wants it or not returns walking
on his head

This one turns into an ear
He hears all that won't let itself be heard
But he grows bored
Yearns to turn again into himself
But without eyes he can't see how

That one bares all his faces
One after the other he throws them over the roof
The last one he throws under his feet
And sinks his head into his hands

This one stretches his sight
Stretches it from thumb to thumb
Walks over it walks
First slow then fast
Then faster and faster

That one plays with his head
Juggles it in the air
Meets it with his index finger
Or doesn't meet it at all

Nobody rests

When I was a kid I didn't have games. I raked leaves and ate chicken fingers for fun. I'm not good at writing themed poems, or poem that belong to a larger body. My poems are like fingernails you bite off and forget about until they grow back.

I took the GRE's today. After wards I felt mugged. I don't have a barometer on what a good score should be. Tonight I'm going to listen to Whitehouse. Maybe watch House. Maybe spend money. Maybe then I'll know.


Spencer Troxell said...

"My poems are like fingernails you bite off and forget about until they grow back."

Very nice.

Brooklyn said...

Brian, I'm going to start quoting you on my blog, instead of writing blog posts. And that's that.