Monday, June 16, 2008

Emily has an illustration in the new issue of Smokelong Quarterly accompanying a story by Evelyn Hampton. The issue has a cast of the usual characters. Check it out.

At a yard sale on the Cape the other day, we found a pair of matching brown bicycles. They are three speed Columbia's from the seventies and in great condition. If we'd lived in 1978, a picture of us on our bicycles would have looked like this.


bonnie m. said...

the bikes that i love, which live in eastham, are two matching brown and orange three speeds, from sears, with the name FREE SPIRIT, and i've tried to steal them to bring up here, but chris's mom also loves them, too (his grandparents bought them in the 70's when they were going to "get in shape") and as such they must remain there, on the cape, much to my dismay.

fine enough, though. chris doesn't want to ride matching bikes up here anyways. and i got a different brown one to ride around town in.

anyways. nice bikes.

Mike Young said...
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