Sunday, June 29, 2008




by Brian Foley

on The Greying Ghost Press

5x7 chapbook printed on quality linen paper with hand-stamped envelope. Printed in an edition of 75, with 2 of those 75 having special covers made from old album covers and signed by the author. They will be randomly mailed to two lucky customers.

Find a sample poem here. Poems in the collection have been previously published in Sleeping Fish, Blaze Vox, Night Train, Eyeshot, Lamination Colonies, Juked, and others.

From GG Megaphone Carl Annarummo -

"A poem by Brian Foley is a glimpse into the life of a professional eavesdropper. Each is a chewed down dossier roasted on a pit over a beerlight. Brian Foley is the love-child of a wide-ranging cast of characters book-ended by Rosmarie Waldrop and the previous groundskeeper of Seekonk Speedway. His poems are often excruciatingly uproarious and in turn, collected in its ability to humble you. Finally a collection of poems that sits you down and says, "I know, because I've been there!" Why are you still reading this? Buy the book. Don't even think about it."


A huge thanks to Carl for putting this incredibly designed book together. Thanks to Blake Butler for the collections' title. I am really excited that this book i finally out there.


Shane Jones said...

good job Brian. I've been enjoying your work a lot recently.

Brian Foley said...

Thanks Shane! I have a book for you.


most awesome. i am getting on itz.

Noah Falck said...

It has been purchased. Cheers!

Spencer Troxell said...

Congratulations! I look forward to reading it.

Kathryn said...

that cover is beautiful. i am very excited to read this.

i found you in sleepingfish zzz. i am a big fan now!

Brian Foley said...

Thanks everyone. I hope you enjoy. I appreciate the support.

Chad Reynolds said...

The tornado may not be a surrealist, but he sure is a badass. Nice work, Brian!

Silent Fun said...

Ello mate, Ive purchased me copy of you book. Cheers.

Axelphoto said...

got your book yesterday. it's f*cking brilliant. it's always so inspiring when your friends are doing awesome and creative things... Well done!